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Prem season 19/20 Newcastle
4  games played 1 won 1-0 against spurs, draw 1-1 Watford, lost at Norwich 3-1, lost to Arsenal 1-0 it o farsthats
For a week we got out of the bottom 3 but low and behold yep we are back there, behope we can beat Brighton on Saturday
Another crap game at home 0-0, a line-up that showed no will to score goals 5,4,1 who gave Brighton that much room to play in by standing off them, by the time a player got to the man with the ball it was gone, we were very lucky to get a point, by the time Bruce woke up to this fact the game was just about over.
If the last game was crap this was a f---ing disaster, a 0-5 thrashing by Leicester, Newcastle manager Steve Bruce we surrendered this game, a terrible foul against a Lei player which produced a red card for us. this kind of play is not worthy of a Newcastle player to do.

We need to see more professionalism from our team and manager.
O yes an unexpected win 1-0 against Man Utd, the goal scored by a 19-year-old first game in the Prem M Longstaff playing in midfield alongside his 21-year-old brother Sean, he also had one hit the crossbar, abetter performance after the drubbing at Lei, still a long way to go.
Chelsea away next. 

well as expected we were beaten by Chelsea 1-0 away. we wasted a couple of chances. then they turned on the gas and we left holes for then in the back end of the game that lost us a point.
Another thrown away game, by a poor goalie decision, came off his line and flapped the ball straight out into the centre of the D to a Wolves player who whacked it straight back into the net, this is the 2nd time we've lost through poor goalkeeping. result 1-1. 
as for forwards  £85 mill worth, we should get our money back, useless twice put through and wasted the chances, a RED CARD for S Longstaff for a bad foul as for Bruce and his excuses he's a waste of space too.
West ham away next god help us there,
Shocked, we won, just, yes a win away at West Ham 2-3, the 1st half was all ours 2 up by half time, then Shelvey puts a super free kick in on 51st min making it 3, we hit the bar and wasted 3 make gold chances, then the defence mentality set in late on giving them the inputus to push on, getting goals on the 73 and 90th minutes, for a nail-biting 5 minute extra time, all our forwards are trying too hard, there new young lads here + a new manager so we have to give them a little time to settle.
who would have guessed that we won this game 2-1 after going 1 down to Bournemouth and we wasted a hat full of chances these 2 lads up front are having a tough time playing well but struggling with the finish,

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