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Manchester United 2017/18
Dismal lack of desire for 3/4 of the game, it was only after Brighton scored did you up your game and showed some desire, you wasted chances, Rashford dithered on the ball, then tried to score from an imposable angle when a pass to a player standing alown on the pen spot would have been a sure goal, that hols feeling has got your lot to. 
Will you finish in 2nd place ?, 2 games left 6 points to play for, liverpool on 72, you on 77 them on fire, your in holiday mood, then there's Tottenham on 71 with 3 game to play on 71 points, will you make it ?.
best of luck to night chaps against West Ham
should get a good nights sleep after watching it
(05-10-2018, 11:50 AM)tatts Wrote: should get a good nights sleep after watching it

I honestly think that we as supporters of this Club along with Players or Management are Delusional if we think we can mount a serious attempt at winning the League /Major Trophy next season if they continue to turn out the abysmal performances that we have had to endure against teams like Burnley, Huddersfield,Leicester, Stoke, West Brom,Brighton,Newcastle,Southampton,West Ham, and that's not counting the Fiasco of the game against Sevilla who played without a recognised striker I don't mind losing to these teams if United played well but the Shite we have had to endure was diabolical to say the least,Million pound signings that are not worthy of the Shirt they wear Utter Feckin Crap... Angry Over and Out
completely agree , strange ting is we finished 2nd and in a cup final ! how the hell did that happen lmao  even more bazaar is pogba got Aprils player of the month !!!!!!!!!HOW lol   cunt of the month more like . Don't look forward to watching us play anymore and lose interest within half hour .
I see your manager's looseing his righthand man (head coach) after 17 years together who they say was always the driving force behind the team, so will he be missed ?, this brings back a memory of the Brian Clough and Peter Taylor partnership, when they fell out Cloughie was never the same force. so I'm wondering if that will happen to Mourinho.

What do you think ?.
Not realy , Ferguson lost Brian Kid and Steve McLaren  both went on to do shit all in management  yet we still did ok . Maybe we might get a forward thinking coach in lol
For some reason or other your 2nd place finish feels like a let down to your fans, your manager's said your "players played like second wasn't important, he spent most of the season with a glum face and kepted attacking your players about there attitude, I thought it was his job to put that right not moan about it. still 2nd is good and a Champions League place. best of luck there lads.
What do you guys say about the post-season shenanigans? I hope we can get Perisic in this transfer window. It was a mistake not getting him a couple of years ago even.
Hi mate glad to see someone different posting on here. Welcome mate
He was one mourinhos top targets but woodenhead wouldnt pay the price. Bet they pay more now.

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