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Manchester United 2017/18
an easy win or you 2-0 against Swansea, But your next game should be the game of the season your away to City best of luck lads, if they win I'd say the title's there's.
What a come back from 2 down to win 3-2 well played you made City look ordinary.
O dear O dear O dear, what went wrong, you've handed the Title to Man City on a plate, was it because WBA are sitting at the bottom of the pile you didn't think you had to work for a win, thats because your the mighty Man U and you though the game would be handed to you, you have a hugely expenceive squad with bundle of talent and yet you contunually under prroform, the question is, WHY, is it because there over rated, or over payed and think, we don't have to be at our best to play these make believe footballers from the lower ranks, or is it, there not as good as they think they are, or is it "THE SPECIAL ONE", whos not really up to the job and just wants to keep spending big on players who don't proform to there hyped status, he'll blame anyone but himself "Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho BLAMES HIS PLAYERs' "bad reaction" to the win over Manchester City for the 1-0 home defeat by west Brom, a result. which confirmed City as Champions", are you getting value for money from them thats the question, .
Maybe you should try and get Klopp !.

He's no Fergie thats for sure,

beaten at HOME 0-1 by WBA
GM you are the classic case of being an ABU (anyone but united )  I did say in chat yesterday that we would probably lose  lol as we normally do  v the bottom of the league   every season .  If you cast you mind back  to when Salahpool beat  city who did they lose to the very next game ? Swansea   who were then bottom of the prem so nope you can stick your klopp loving comment where the sun don't shine haha .  United were just shite yesterday  and that  was down to the players  , losing possession the inability to do the simple things and basically being lazy bastards .  United have probably become the most boring team to watch in the prem this season and that alone is down to the manager  BUT  saying that   he has improved the teams league standing from 5th last year  + 2 cups to 2nd this year and  still a chance  of  silverware .
Tats me old mate, your the one saying your teams crap, all I'm saying is your not getting value for money out of them, do you not agree on that point, your very worng on the ABU I'm not, as I've said before I'm nuteral on all games that I watch, its only when they play my team that I'm not nuteral, all I can say is if you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen lad, hahaha.
heat ? kitchen ?   is this a new sort of sport ?
You looking to go on master Chef now tats lad, you know what it means mate, if you can't take the pressure don't apply for the job, there another for you !, your a good sport young man and friend.
Had a fantastic sleep last night after watching utd v bournmouth  Smile maybe watching utd is the cure for insomnia
Your right tats, BORING the only word for it, for your team to play as they do now, to what was, is a poor display from the talent your club has is a poor reflection on your passed success, you used to entertain the fans to a feast of footballing skills, now the question you have to ask yourself is who's to blame for it ?.

You won 0-2
I hope you have a good game today best of luck guys.

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