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Newcastle 2017/18
All massive games now GM and no signings is not going to help one bit, time to dig in and I guess Rafa must be fuming with no new signings to help.
Maybe he will have enough soon?
Good luck in the cup but I would imagaine like myself, not too bothered this season , it's all about staying up.

I am hoping maybe like yourself the manager will look at fringe players and different tactics, nothing to lose this weekend.
Are well, nothing changes, another FA Cup challenge ends for us in the 4th round, we had chances in the early part of the game but we had no one good enough to put them away, at least we had a go this time Chelsea's goalie had a terrific game stopped everything that was shot at him, no complaints beat fair and square 3-0.

Burnley for us on Wed at home, they beat us 1-0 on their ground in October so can we pay them back for that ?.
Another dismal display, 1-1 what can I say about Joselu, tapped a pen that a 5 year-old could have saved, missed a 3/4 open goal mouth from 4 yards out wasted other opportunity to, Atsu wasted the rebound opportunity from the same position as Joselu did.
You can't fault his work rate he's all over the park helping out but stand him on the goal line with NO goalie in it and he'll still miss.
We need someone who know were the goal - mouth is and can put the ball in it.

The Fatman has again wasted the transfer window to bring in some class players, he's still trying to pay pennies not £s ,will we ever be able to get rid of scrooge.
still a good point against burnley mate
Good point against Palarse although dodgy penalty for them. Was kinda hoping for a draw to be honest but I wouldn't have minded a Newc win.
No movement in the transfer market could have a massive impact, best of luck against united next, always give them a good fight.
We was ROBED, 1-1,  as you say they got a dodgy pen which changed the games flow, shirt pulling on both sides, its all part of the game now, all teams do it, this was a weak decision by the linesman, by the time he jumped he was free, the second half was I'd say nearly all theres after that goal, they battered us with every thing they had, I thought we wasted chances, but theres was shocking the number wasted, again all point helps.

3 tough games to come next, Man u  on Sunday away, then Bournemouth 24th away, Liverpool 3 march away to fine points hear will be a miracle.
Well I'm stunned, we won a game at home, 1-0 and if you believe it against Manchester United, how lucky were we, hard graft by all the players, good goal keeping to, new goalie looks the business, we needed that win, lifts us out of the bottom 3.
Man U were not there usual selves sloppy and wasteful at times, Pogba wasn't  really in the game at all, they pounded our goal and how one of them didn't go in is mystifying, expensive players just didn't look the part today, and of cause Smalling has just joined the DIVER'S CLUB, he disgraced your team, and you got away with a pen we should have had too, a team with the quality of your's has shouldn't have to engage in that kind of football.

"We could have played for 10 hours and not scored said Mourinho".

next up Bournemouth a, Pool a, Saints h spurs a, Hudders h
Brilliant win and that will boost the confidence, trouble is all the bottom teams are picking up points now and it's so tight. Moaner Mourhino just hasn't got the best from the players, where as Newcastle were well up for it.
We blow 2 points !, I blame Raffa for that, he changed the balance of the team, he bought out man u's buses to go all defensive and let them play,  but the bloody things were single deckers, useless.
We squandered 2 golden chances which would have given us a comfortable win.

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