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Brighton 2017/18
Not a good result for you mate, beaten at home by Leicester 2-0, your next one is Huddersfield at home for you, they will surely come with the same game plan to frustrate for most of the game, they try a quick breakaway you can't afford to lose concentration, we did twice and it nearly cost us you'll have to be on the ball the whole of the game. best of luck mate.
Jake you've got all big games left to play spurs are the first so best of luck for your game tonight, Jake your not quite out of the woods yet but a couple draws or a win might just be enough to see you safe, again BEST OF LUCK.
Good point for you Jake 1-1 that should help you towards staying up. Burnley next a point there to well go a long way to it too, the one's after that are real big game the 2 Mancesters and Liverpool, there again now that the title is settled they may not try to hard for wins. best of luck Jake.
Nearly over the line , hoping a few more 1 point games will do it but very hard run in like you say GM. I was hoping Man City might take it easy but they destroyed Swansea so can't see us getting much there.

Saying that the bottom clubs have all tough run ins and no games are easy.
I think your safe mate but you have big games left, best of luck Jake.
You managed to get a point out of Burnley 0-0 well played mate.
Well done Jake, well done, that win over Man U has given you safety, you showed a desire to win, once you had score it sparked Man U to up there game but you showed fortitued and hung on to win 1-0. your goalie made some great saves to, well played.
A tough one for you Jake you did well to hold them to just 3-1 as they have been the team of the season with a hugh scoring record, stiil the 3 teams that came up have survived and will play in the Premier League next season, well payed all 3 teams.
Well done Jake you made it to the next season, finishing in 15th place with Huddersfield just under you its great the 3 teams that came up managed to stay up, your last game against Liverpool looked a real tough one in the form there are in and pushing for a champions League place you did well to hold the score to 4-0
See you next season mate and best of luck.

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