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Your Ideas & Suggesions
Nice additions to the selection at the top of the opening page Duelf.
what about putting a tread up on how to join & register on the chatango shoutbox. This is for newbies who dont know its separate from site log in.
Yeah mate. good point. will add that
[Image: 2w1vdk9.jpg]
remove all flash streams that demand users remove or stop their ad-blockers...this is both irresponsible and stupid.
lots of viruses, trojans and other malware (100% fact and that is exactly why they demand you to remove the blockers,  the anti virus cannot pick up crap being sent through the flash player, this is why its vulnerable and also why google removed flash from youtube) end up on the users machine....this is unethetical

take a look at :// soccerstreams on reddit on how to do things right.

all flash streams that do not comply with the rules, such posting a flash channel asking users to remove their ad-blocker or stop it, should be banned outright until they remove it from their stream.

They are in it to paid to screw over the end user, the idiot who clicks on any of these flash channels...they cannot do it on soccerstreams on reddit..but you allow this negligent and unethical act on this site to infect users who may want to watch one of these flash streams?

No it should not be down to the broadcaster, its down to the site owner to demand they stop posting channels asking people to remove their adblockers...would you remove a anti virus so i can knowingly infect you and be paid for it, while pretending i know nothing?  I hardly think so, and neither would anyone else.

There are plenty of good flash streams out there that do not use these stupid remove adblocker overlays, these streamers and sites are responsible.

Please make new rules to stop this, so you can get the good flash streams and no one gets infected with their crap.
Hi sylvantino, thanks for you suggession, But most of the streamer's sites posted on reddit has viruses. we don't have sites like those. and if you having trouble closing ads on the streaming sites posted here, then you will have to use adblock.
[Image: 2w1vdk9.jpg]
I can see where sylvantino is coming from with the flash sites more and more are asking for adblock to be disabled, just don't do it though. I had trouble with acestream again tonight for the city game and tried a few flash ones and found a lot asking to disable adblock. I just found one that didn't though.
Don't get me wrong it's hard to police them all and guess this is where people here need to leave feedback for this in the relevant thread
Thread for feedback

any chance to have a couple channels HDFREE? HD is no good on my PC. And skysports news channel would be great.

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