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best and worst films
I also enjoyed The Martian Dave, seen it a while back, great film!

The Mrs and I watched 'The Greatest Showman' last night. Absolutely loved it, so much so we're going to watch it again. Good one to watch as a family Smile

Just this minute finished watching Dunkirk,What a load of Shite definitely made for Kids to watch, the entire film was a travesty to  the memory all those that were killed or those that were saved it failed to portray anything of that  time in World War 2 History it glossed over so much that I felt the whole event happened over a couple of hours instead of the actual days it took to bring off as many as they did,and I have never known a Spitfire to Glide around the skies as long as the one towards the films end,the list of things fundamentally wrong with this piece of Crap is to long to go on with,A film not worthy of the Event, utter Shite
Well after the disappointment of Dunkirk,decided on "A American Assassin" telling the tale of a guy who was caught up in a Terrorist style massacre that see's his future bride gunned down.He then self trains himself to become a killing machine only to end up being recruited by a secret CIA cell,some of the story is a little far fetched but for the action junkies it was quite good,leaving room for a sequel 7.5/10
Agree with you on Dunkirk Tony but "Mother" with Jennifer Lawrence makes it look fantastic, run away, 1/10.
That bad glen.Ill give a miss then
No plot, no thread, i only gave it one for the scene where her top gets ripped off.

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